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The IS group is an informal group of scientists and other related individuals that meets periodically in the New Haven area to discuss cutting edge issues in science, technology, and culture, and to foster collaboration across multiple institutions. The group was founded in the early 1980s by Philip Rubin and Elliot Saltzman. There were a number of inspirations for the group, including the theoretical work being done by Michael Turvey and colleagues and the early work on nonlinear dynamics that led to the establishment of the Santa Fe Institute. Another inspiration was an impromptu and spirited debate about cognition and perception between Jerry Fodor and Robert Shaw on Oct. 31, 1975, in Storrs, Connecticut, that pointed to the need for additional opportunities and venues for extended, informal academic discussions. Finally, there was the encouragement of Caryl Haskins who, in discussion with Philip Rubin, indicated the importance of multidisciplinarity, cutting edge science, and the intersection of science and public policy. Thus, the IS group ("Interesting Stuff") was formed.

There is no official membership in the group. Simon Levy maintains a website that provides details about the upcoming meeting and archives previous meetings. Contact him for additional information about the group.

The IS group is not formally affiliated with Haskins Laboratories. Haskins Laboratories takes no responsibility or credit for the activities of the IS group, but encourages activities that foster multidisciplinarity and rigorous exploration of the frontiers of science, particularly when done with a spirit of fun and enjoyment.

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