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Haskins Laboratories Status Report: SR-2 (April, 1965)
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SR-2: Contents
I. Extended Reports and Manuscripts
  Katherine S. Harris, Gloria F. Lysaught and Malcom M. Schvey. Some Aspects of the Production of Oral and Nasal Labial Stops
  Kerstin Hadding-Koch and Arthur S. Abramson. Duration versus Spectrum in Swedish Vowels: Some Perceptual Experiments
  Jane H. Gaitenby. The Elastic Word
II. Interim Reports  
  A List of Haskins Laboratories' Publications on Speech

The research reported here was made possible in part by support from the following sources:

• National Institute of Dental Research, Grant DE-01774-03

• Research and Development Division of the Prosthetic and    Sensory Aids Service, Veterans Administration, Contract

• Haskins Laboratories