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Haskins Laboratories Status Report: SR-3 (August, 1965)
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SR-3: Contents
I. Extended Reports and Manuscripts
  Arthur S. Abramson and Leigh Lisker. Voice Onset Time in Stop Consonants: Acoustic Analysis and Synthesis
  John M. Borst and Howard M. Bailin. Input Equipment for Speech Research Facility
  Alvin M. Liberman, Michael Studdert-Kennedy, Katherine S. Harris, and Franklin S. Cooper. A Reply to "Identification and Discrimination Functions for a Visual Continuum and Their Relation to the Motor Theory of Speech Perception," by Cross, Lane, and Sheppard
  Arthur S. Abramson. Book Review: Mary R. Haas, Thai-English Student's Dictionary
II. Interim Reports  
  Dorothy A. Huntington and Katherine S. Harris. Some Electromyographic Observations of the Speech of Persons with Impaired Hearing
  D. Shankweiler. Laterality Effects in Perception of Speech and Other Sounds
III. Other Papers and Talks Presented


The research reported here was made possible in part by support from the following sourcse:

• National Institute of Dental Research, Grant DE-01774-03

• Research and Development Division of the Prosthetic and    Sensory Aids Service, Veterans Administration, Contract

• Haskins Laboratories