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Haskins Laboratories Status Report: SR-5/6 (1966)
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SR-5/6: Contents
I. Extended Reports and Manuscripts
  Leigh Lisker and Arthur S. Abramson. Some Effects of Context on Voice Onset Time in English Stops
  Franklin S. Cooper. Describing the Speech Process in Motor Command Terms
  L. Lisker, A. S. Abramson, F.S. Cooper, and M.H. Schvey. Transillumination of the Larynx in Running Speech
  P.F. MacNeilage, T.P. Rootes, and R.A. Chase. Speech Production and Perception in a Patient with Severe Impairment of Somesthetic Perception and Motor Control
  Donald Shankweiler and Michael Studdert-Kennedy. Identification of Consonants and Vowels Presented to the Left and Right Ears
  Jane H. Gaitenby. Problems in Machine Conversion of Print to "Speech."
II. Other Papers and Talks