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Haskins Laboratories Status Report: SR-10 (1967)
1 April 1967 - 30 June 1967
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SR-10: Contents
I. Extended Reports and Manuscripts
  Alvin M. Liberman, Franklin S. Cooper, and Michael Studdert-Kennedy. Why are Spectrograms Hard to Read?
  Ignatius G. Mattingly. Speech Synthesis by Rule as a Research Technique.
  Donald Shankweiler and Michael Studdert-Kennedy. An Analysis of Perceptual Confusions in Identification of Dichotically Presented CVC Syllables.
  Leigh Lisker. Pattern to Holes in the Pattern?
  Malcolm S. Preston, Grace Yeni-Komshian, and Rachel E. Stark. A Study of Voicing in Initial Stops Found in the Pre-Linguistic Vocalizations of Infants from Different Language Environments.
II. Interim Reports  
  Erica Garcia. Identification and Discrimination of Synthetic Nasals.
III. Papers and Talks (including those of the above given as papers)