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David Ostry
Haskins Laboratories
300 George Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Haskins phone: (203) 865-6163, ext. 296
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Dept. of Psychology McGill University
1205 Dr. Penfield Ave.
Montreal (Qc) Canada, H3A 1B1
McGill Phone: (514) 398-6111
McGill Fax: (514) 398-4896

URL: http://www.psych.mcgill.ca/labs/mcl/djo.html

Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories
Professor, Psychology, McGill University

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms of

voluntary movement and deals equally with speech production and human

arm motion. I use mathematical models, robots and behavioral and

physiological techniques to assess motor function and the characteristics of

motor learning. The overall goals are to understand the interplay of

sensory and motor function and most recently, to understand how motor

learning and adaptation affects sensory function in speech and limb


Representative Publications

Ito S, Darainy M, Sasaki M, Ostry DJ (2013) Computational model of motor learning and perceptual change. Biol Cybern 107:653-667
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1.28 MB)]

Darainy M, Vahdat S, Ostry DJ (2013) Perceptual learning in sensorimotor adaptation. J Neurophysiol 110: 2152-2162.
[abstract] - [Article in PDF format (935 KB)]

Bernardi NF, Darainy M, Bricolo E and Ostry DJ (2013) Observing motor learning produces somatosensory change. J Neurophysiol 110: 1804-1810.
[abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (264 KB)]

Nasir SM, Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2013) Sensorimotor adaptation changes the neural coding of somatosensory stimuli. J Neurophysiol 109:2077-85.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (692 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2013) Motor learning and its sensory effects: The time course of perceptual change, and its presence with gradual introduction of load. J Neurophysiol 109:782-91.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (413 KB)]

Lametti DR, Nasir S, and Ostry DJ (2012) Sensory preference in speech production revealed by simultaneous alteration of auditory and somatosensory feedback. J Neurosci 32:9351-9359.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1403 KB)]

Rochet-Capellan A, Richer L and Ostry DJ (2012) Non-homogeneous transfer reveals specificity in speech motor learning, J Neurophysiol 107(6):1711-1717.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (461 MB)]

Mattar AAG, Nasir SM, Darainy M and Ostry DJ (2011) Sensory change following motor learning. in Green AM, Chapman CE, Kalaska JF and Lepore F (Eds), Progress in Brain Research, Volume 191 (pp 29-42).
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1.10 MB)]

Vahdat S, Darainy M, Milner TE, Ostry DJ (2011) Functionally specific changes in resting-state sensorimotor networks after motor learning. J Neurosci. 31:16907–16915.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (603 KB)]

Rochet-Capellan A, Ostry DJ (2011) Simultaneous acquisition of multiple auditory-Motor transformations in speech. J Neurosci 31:2648-2655.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (629 KB)]

Ito T, Ostry DJ (2010) Somatosensory contribution to motor learning due to facial skin deformation. J Neurophysiol 104:1230-1230.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (248 KB)]

Lametti DR, Ostry DJ (2010) Postural constraint on movement variability. J Neurophysiol 104:1061-1067.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (2625 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2010) Generalization of dynamics learning across changes in movement amplitude. J Neurophysiol 104:426-438.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (552 KB)]

Ostry DJ, Darainy M, Mattar AAG, Wong J, Gribble PL (2010) Somatosensory plasticity and motor learning. J Neurosci 30:5384-5393.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1016 KB)] - [J Neurosci Journal Club Commentary PDF format (210 KB)] - [J Neurophysiol Neuro Forum Commentary PDF format (106 KB)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2009) Auditory plasticity and speech motor learning. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:20470–20475.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format(716 KB)] - [Supporting Information PDF format (101 KB)] - [Commentary PDF format (100 KB)]

Laboissière R, Lametti DR, Ostry DJ (2009) Impedance control and its relation to precision in orofacial movement. J Neurophysiol 102:523-531.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (355 KB)]

Darainy M, Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2009) Effects of human arm impedance on dynamics learning and generalization. J Neurophysiol 101:3158–3168.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (408 KB)]

Ito T, Tiede M, Ostry DJ (2009) Somatosensory function in speech perception. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:1245–1248.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (240 KB)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2008) Speech motor learning in profoundly deaf adults. Nat Neurosci 11:1217–1222.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (400 KB)] - [Neuropod Podcast] - [Dispatch PDF format (64 KB)]

Darainy M, Ostry DJ (2008) Muscle cocontraction following dynamics learning. Exp Brain Res 190:153-163.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1.0 MB)]

Andres M, Ostry DJ, Nicol F, Paus T (2008) Time course of number magnitude interference during grasping. Cortex 44:414-419.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (395 K)]

Tremblay S, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2008) Specificity of speech motor learning. J Neurosci 28:2426–2434.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (395 KB)]

Darainy M, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2007) Control of hand impedance under static conditions and during reaching movement. J Neurophysiol 97:2676–2685.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (1890 KB)]

Lametti DR, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2007) Control of movement variability and the regulation of limb impedance. J Neurophysiol 98:3516-3524.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1257 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2007) Neural averaging in motor learning. J Neurophysiol 97:220-228.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (462 KB)]

Mattar AAG, Ostry DJ (2007) Modifiability of generalization in dynamics learning. J Neurophysiol 98:3321-3329.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (1155K)]

Nasir SM, Ostry DJ (2006) Somatosensory precision in speech production. Curr Biol 16:1918–1923.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (408 KB)] - [Supplemental Data PDF format (152 KB)]- [Dispatch PDF format (132 KB)]

Darainy M, Malfait N, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2006) Transfer and durability of acquired patterns of human arm stiffness. Exp Brain Res 170:227-237.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (308 KB)]

Shiller DM, Houle G, Ostry DJ (2005) Voluntary control of human jaw stiffness. J Neurophysiol 94:2207-2217.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (794 KB)]

Malfait N, Gribble PL, Ostry DJ (2005) Generalization of motor learning based on multiple field exposures and local adaptation. J Neurophysiol 93:3327-3338.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (3976 KB)]

Della-Maggiore V, Malfait N, Ostry DJ, Paus T (2004) Stimulation of the posterior parietal cortex interferes with arm trajectory adjustments during the learning of new dynamics. J Neurosci 24:9971-9976.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (177 KB)]

Darainy M, Malfait N, Gribble PL, Towhidkhah F, Ostry DJ (2004) Learning to control arm stiffness under static conditions. J Neurophysiol 92:3344-3350.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (267 KB)]

Malfait N, Ostry DJ (2004) Is interlimb transfer of force-field adaptation a "cognitive" response to the sudden introduction of load? J Neurosci 24:8084-8089.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (342 KB)]

Petitto LA, Holowka S, Sergio LE, Levy B, Ostry DJ (2004) Baby hands that move to the rhythm of language: hearing babies acquiring sign languages babble silently on the hands. Cognition 93:43-73.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (382 KB)]

Ostry DJ, Feldman AG (2003) A critical evaluation of the force control hypothesis in motor control. Exp Brain Res 221:275-288.
[Abstract] - [Article in PDF format (235 KB)]

Tremblay S, Shiller DM, Ostry DJ (2003) Somatosensory basis of speech production. Nature 423:866-869.
[Abstract] - [ Article in PDF format (341 KB)] - [Commentary in Nature Reviews Neuroscience PDF format (387 KB)]