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The Yale-Haskins Teagle Collegium

The Teagle Foundation has announced its support for a Yale University - Haskins Laboratories multi-disciplinary, multi-year study of reading difficulties among late adolescents. This "Yale-Haskins Teagle Collegium on Student Learning" will explore the current state of reading in a rapidly changing digital age and consider the role of neuroimaging as a tool for improving our understanding of these issues.

The Collegium will be hosted by the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale and by Haskins Laboratories, and will be led by Michael Holquist, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Yale University, Kenneth Pugh, President and Director of Research at Haskins Laboratories and Dept. of Pediatrics at Yale University School of Medicine, and Philip Rubin, Chief Executive Officer of Haskins Laboratories. Other participants are from colleges and universities around the country. A course being developed for next year will be hosted by the Yale University Department of Comparative Literature.

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