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 Yale-Haskins Teagle Collegium Readings

Here are some suggested readings related to the Yale-Haskins Teagle Collegium on Student Learning. All are in PDF format:

National Endowment for the Arts: Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America. June 2004

National Endowment for the Arts: Reading on the Rise: A New Chapter in American Literacy. 2008

Perfetti, et al., The Acquisition of Reading Comprehension Skill. In M. J. Snowling and C. Hulme (eds.). The Science of Reading: A Handbook. Blackwell Publishing, 2005, 227-247.

Rayner, et al., How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of Reading. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2001, 31-74.

Rayner, et al., How should reading be taught? Scientific American, March 2002, 84-91.

Hollis S. Scarborough and Susan A. Brady. Toward a Common Terminology for Talking About Speech and Reading: A Glossary of the "Phon" Words and Some Related Terms. Journal of Literacy Research, Vol. 34, No. 3, 2002, 299-336.

Shankweiler, et al., Reading Differences and Brain: Cortical Integration of Speech and Print in Sentence Processing Varies With Reader Skill. Developmental Neuropsychology, 33(6), 2008, 745-775.