Corporate Officers

President and Director of Research:
Ken Pugh

Vice President of Research:
Douglas Whalen

Vincent Gracco
Vice President of Scientific Operations

Vice President of Finance
and Administration:
Joseph Cardone

Arthur S. Abramson
Secretary of the Corporation




Haskins Laboratories Board of Directors

Sheila E. Blumstein
Chair of the Board

Brown University
Cognitive Linguistic and Psychological Sciences

Michael Almond
Stephen R. Anderson
Secretary of the Board
Yale University
Department of Linguistics

William H. Baker
The Dyslexia Foundation

Susan Brady
University of Rhode Island<
Steven M. Girvin

Provost’s Office
Yale University 

Leonard Katz
Department of Psychology
University of Connecticut
Linda C. Mayes
Yale Child Study Center

Joseph Molder

Kenneth R. Pugh
Haskin Laboratories, Inc.

Donald Shankweiler
University of Connecticut
Department of Psychology

Jeremy Teitelbaum
University of Connecticut
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ovid J.-L. Tzeng
Institute of Linguistics,
Academia Sinica
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