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Brandeis University                 1971   B.A.     Psychology
University of Connecticut         1978   Ph.D.  Psychology

Main Positions Held

1975-1977     Visiting Instructor of Psychology, Trinity College,
Hartford, Connecticut
1977-1978      Visiting Instructor of Psychology, Indiana University,
1978-1980      Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, Indiana University
1980-1987      Assistant Professor of Psychology, Barnard College
1987-1992      Associate Professor of Psychology, Barnard College
1989-1992      Chair, Department of Psychology, Barnard College
1992-present  Professor of Psychology, Barnard College
1997-2000      Chair, Department of Psychology, Barnard College
1999-2006      Ann Whitney Olin Professor
2003-2006      Interim Chair, Department of Sociology, Barnard College

Selected Current and Past Professional Activities

Co-Chair, Institutional Review Board, Barnard College
Associate Editor, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception
and Performance
Associate Editor, Perception & Psychophysics
Member, Study Section on Language and Communication, National
Institutes of Health
Member, Editor Search Committee, Perception & Psychophysics
Member, Study Section on Sensory Disorders and Language,
National Institutes of Health
Member, Technical Committee on Speech Communication, Acoustical
Society of America

Selected Honors and Awards

Fellow, Acoustical Society of America
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow, American Psychological Association
Fellow, American Psychological Society


Robert Remez is a perceptual psychologist whose research has focused on fundamental functions that sustain spoken language. His research has examined the ability of listeners to find and to follow speech in the clear and amid other sound sources, the propensity to integrate visible and audible aspects of speech, and the facility of listeners to identify an individual from a speech sample. His laboratory has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, and currently from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. His research reports have appeared in the American Psychologist, Developmental Psychology, Ear & Hearing, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Journal of Phonetics, Journal of the Acoustical Society, Memory & Cognition, Perception & Psychophysics, Psychological Review, Psychological Science, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Science, and Speech Communication. He is co-editor, with David Pisoni, of the Handbook of Speech Perception.