Abstracts: (listed alphabetically by author, click on title to download the pdf)

Diana Archangeli and Jeff Berry: Different dark and light /l/s: English & Georgian

Michael Aron, Marie-Odile Berger, Erwan Kerrien: Evaluation of the uncertainty of multimodal articulatory data

Sonya Bird, Janet Leonard and Scott Moisik: A motion vector analysis of tongue motion in SENĆOŦEN /qV/ and /Vq/ sequences

Lisa Davidson and Tuuli Adams: Tracking changes in L2 articulation with longitudinal and native speaker comparisons

Donald Derrick and Bryan Gick: Planning strategies governing selection of kinematic flap/tap variants in North American English

Stefan A. Frisch: Semi-automatic measurement of stop-consonant articulation using EdgeTrak

Joshua Gardner and Maureen Stone: A comparison of midsagittal tongue shapes during clarinet performance and vowel production using ultrasound
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Mirko Grimaldi, Andrea Calabrese, Francesco Sigona, Bianca Sisinni, and Luigina Garrapa: Articulatory Grounding of Micro-parametric variation in Salentino Harmony Processes

Bianca Herold , Tim Bressmann, Janette Quintero, Martina Hielscher- Fastabend, Prisca Stenneken, and Jonathan Irish: Analysis of vowel-consonant-vowel sequences in patients with partial glossectomies using 2D ultrasound imaging

Douglas N. Honorof, Mark K. Tiede, Aaron P. Schultz, Jennifer Nycz and
Céline Y. C. Chang
Mandarin /r/ in three space: comparing structural MRI and ultrasound reconstructions

T. Hueber, G. Chollet, and B. Denby: Ultraspeech, a portable system for acquisition of high-speed ultrasound, video and acoustic speech data

Khalil Iskarous, Will Grathwohl, and Michael Proctor: Using digital ultrasound to investigate trill vibration

Robert Kennedy: Quantification and analysis of tongue curvature across subjects: height, anteriority, overlap

Tanja Kocjančič: Ultrasound study of tongue movements in childhood apraxia of speech

Jim Lee and Maureen Stone: Overlaying an Ultrasound Tongue on an MRI Vocal Tract Download Poster Presentation

Heike Lehnert-LeHouillier: Investigating lexically conditioned phonetic variation with ultrasound

Ya Li: Ultrasound study of Mandarin nasal place

Susan Lin: Effects of prosodic structure on the relative timing of articulatory movements in English laterals

Thomas Magnuson: Shadowed Place of Articulation as Observed via Ultrasound

Connor Mayer, Bryan Gick, and Elizabeth Ferch: Talking while chewing: Speaker response to natural perturbation of speech

Lucie Ménard, Corinne Toupin, Mélanie Thibeault, Aude Noiray, Marilyn Giroux, and Marilène C. Rousseau: A study of VCV coarticulation in 4-year-old children and adults

Jeff Mielke and Joe Roy: Measuring articulatory similarity/The Kagayanen interdental approximant

Amanda Miller, Abigail Scott, Fusheini Hudu, and Douglas Pulleylbank:
Co-articulation of Complex Segments with High Front Vowels

Scott R. Moisik: Laryngeal ultrasound assessment of retracted and constricted articulations by phoneticians

Hosung Nam, Vikramjit Mitra and Khalil Iskarous: Artificial Neural Network prediction of midsagittal pharynx shape from dynamic ultrasound images

Shri Narayanan, Erik Bresch, Dani Byrd, Louis Goldstein & Krishna Nayak: Using rtMRI to image the vocal tract

Aude Noiray and D. H. Whalen: Adaptation of ultrasound imaging to the investigation of tongue control in toddlers

Janette Quintero, Tim Bressmann, Katalin Mady, Ambros Beer, Catriona Steele. and Alexei Kochetov: Cine-Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Videofluoroscopy of Partial Glossectomees’ Speech

Anastasios Roussos, Athanassios Katsamanis and Petros Maragos: Tongue Appearance Modeling and Tracking in Ultrasound Images

Sonja Schaeffler and James M Scobbie: An Ultrasound and Vicon Study of Articulatory Settings in German-English Bilinguals

James M. Scobbie, Eleanor Lawson, and Jane Stuart-Smith: The rhotics and derhotics of Scottish English

Christine H. Shadle, Khalil Iskarous, and Michael I. Proctor: Use of Ultrasound to Study Differences in the Tongue Dorsum of Voiced vs. Voiceless Fricatives: a Comparison to MRI Data

Maureen Stone, Moshe Stern, Joy Hagan, Joyce Park, and DanielTraub: The effects of age on tongue motion and speech duration
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Hemant D. Tagare: Finding anatomical structures in ultrasound images

D. H. Whalen, Aude Noiray, and Leandro Bolaños: Articulation of Vowel Height in English Front Vowels: An Ultrasound Study

Alan Wrench, James Scobbie, Steve Cowen, Janine Lilienthal, Sonja Schaeffler, Natalia Zharkova and, Tanja Kocjancic: Fan-averaging for ultrasound tongue contour evaluation

Yoram Yekutieli: Biomechanics and control of the octopus arm

Natalia Zharkova: Consonant-specific coarticulation in children and adults