Oral Presentations

Friday, 19 March 2010

3:30-5:00: Oral presentations:

Donald Derrick & Bryan Gick
Planning strategies governing selection of kinematic flap/tap variants in North American English

Amanda Miller, Abigail Scott, Fusheini Hudu & Douglas Pulleyblank
Co-articulation of complex segments with high front vowels””

Christine Shadle, Khalil Iskarous & Michael I. Proctor
Use of ultrasound to study differences in the tongue dorsum of voiced vs. voiceless fricatives: a comparison to MRI data

Saturday, 20 March 2010

9:00-10:00: Oral presentations:

James M Scobbie, Eleanor Lawson & Jane Stuart-Smith “The rhotics and derhotics of Scottish English

Diana Archangeli & Jeff Berry “Different dark and light /l/s: English & Georgian

11:30-12:30: Oral presentations:

Lucie Menard, Corinne Toupin, Mélanie Thibeault, Aude Noiray, Marilyn Giroux & Marilène C. Rousseau “A study of VCV coarticulation in 4-year-old children and adults

Lisa Davidson & Tuuli Adams “Tracking changes in L2 articulation with longitudinal and native speaker comparisons

3:00-4:30: Oral presentations:

Shri Narayanan, Erik Bresch, Dani Byrd, Louis Goldstein & Krishna Nayak “Using rtMRI to image the vocal tract”

Jim Lee & Maureen Stone “Overlaying an ultrasound tongue on an MRI vocal tract”

Maureen Stone, Moshe Stern, Joy Hagan, Joyce Park & Daniel Traub “The effects of age on tongue motion and speech duration”5:00-6:00: Oral presentations:

Janette Quintero, Tim Bressmann, Katalin Mady, Ambros Beer, Catriona Steele, & Alexei Kochetov “Cine-magnetic resonance imaging and videofluoroscopy of partial glossectomees’ speech

Khalil Iskarous, Michael Proctor & Will Grathwohl “Using digital ultrasound to investigate trill vibration

Sunday, 21 March 2010

9:00-10:00: Oral presentations:

Alan Wrench, James Scobbie, Steve Cowen, Janine Lilienthal, Sonja Schaeffler, Natalia Zharkova & Tanja Kocjancic “Fan-averaging for ultrasound tongue contour evaluation

Jeff Mielke & Joe Roy “Measuring articulatory similarity using ultrasound

11:30-1:00: Oral presentations:

Sonya Bird, Janet Leonard & Scott Moisik “A motion vector analysis of tongue motion in SENĆOŦEN /qV/ and /Vq/ sequences

Stefan A. Frisch “Semi-automatic measurement of stop-consonant articulation using EdgeTrak

Heike Lehnert-LeHouillier “Investigating lexically conditioned phonetic variation with ultrasound