Poster Session 1:30-3:00:

Note: Prior to the poster session, everyone will gather for a session of very brief (30 second) descriptions of each poster. This will provide an overview of all 21 in just over 10 minutes.

Joshua Gardner & Maureen Stone “A comparison of midsagittal tongue shapes during clarinet performance and vowel production using ultrasound

Aude Noiray, D. H. Whalen & Khalil Iskarous “Adaptation of ultrasound imaging to the investigation of tongue control in toddlers

Sonja Schaeffler & James M Scobbie “An ultrasound and Vicon study of articulatory settings in German-English bilinguals

Michael Aron, Marie-Odile Berger & Erwan Kerrien “Evaluation of the uncertainty of multimodal articulatory data

Thomas Hueber, G. Chollet & B. Denby “Ultraspeech, a portable system for acquisition of high-speed ultrasound, video and acoustic speech data

Scott R. Moisik “Laryngeal ultrasound assessment of retracted and constricted articulations by phoneticians

Hosung Nam & Khalil Iskarous “Artificial Neural Network prediction of midsagittal pharynx shape from dynamic ultrasound images

Robert Kennedy, Matthew Gordon & Diana Archangeli “Quantification and analysis of tongue curvature across subjects: height, anteriority, overlap”

Doug Honorof, Aaron P. Schultz, Jennifer Nycz, & Céline Y. C. Chang “Mandarin /r/ in three space: comparing structural MRI and ultrasound reconstructions”

Anastasios Roussos, Athanassios Katsamanis & Petros Maragos “Tongue appearance modeling and tracking in ultrasound images

Natalia Zharkova “Consonant-specific coarticulation in children and adults

Barbara Gili Fivela, Antonio Stella, Sonia D'Apolito, Francesco Sigona “Vowel-to-vowel coarticulation across prosodic domains in Italian

Mirko Grimaldi, Andrea Calabrese, Francesco Sigona, Bianca Sisinni, Luigina Garrapa “Articulatory grounding of micro-parametric variation in Salentino harmony processes

Tanja Kocjančič “Ultrasound study of tongue movements in childhood apraxia of speech

Bianca Herold, Tim Bressmann, Janette Quintero, Martina Hielscher-Fastabend, Prisca Stenneken & Jonathan Irish “Analysis of vowel-consonant-vowel sequences in patients with partial glossectomies using 2D ultrasound imaging

Thomas Magnuson “Shadowed Place of Articulation as Observed via Ultrasound

Connor Mayer, Bryan Gick & Elizabeth Ferch “Talking while chewing: Speaker response to natural perturbation of speech”

Ya Li “Ultrasound study of Mandarin nasal place

Susan S. Lin “Effects of prosodic structure on the relative timing of articulatory movements in English laterals

Darya Kavitskaya & Khalil Iskarous “An investigation of palatalization in Russian through ultrasound

D. H. Whalen, Aude Noiray & Leandro Bolaños “Dynamic aspects of some English vowels”