Posters (listed alphabetically by author, click on Abstract or Presentation to download the pdf)

Sonya Bird, Scott Moisik, Janet Leonard and Sarah Smith: A motion vector analysis of tongue motion in SENĆOŦEN /qV/ and /Vq/ sequences. Abstract Presentation

Joshua Gardner and Maureen Stone: A comparison of midsagittal tongue shapes during clarinet performance and vowel production using ultrasound. Abstract Presentation

Jim Lee and Maureen Stone: Overlaying an Ultrasound Tongue on an MRI Vocal Tract. Abstract Presentation

Heike Lehnert-LeHouillier, Jordana Heller and Matt Goldrick: Investigating lexically conditioned phonetic variation with ultrasound. Abstract Presentation

Ya Li: Ultrasound study of Mandarin nasal place. Abstract Presentation

Scott Reid Moisik: Laryngeal Ultrasound Assessment of Retracted and Constricted Articulations by Phoneticians. Abstract Presentation

Hosung Nam, Vikramjit Mitra and Khalil Iskarous: Artificial Neural Network prediction of midsagittal pharynx shape from dynamic ultrasound images. Abstract Presentation

Maureen Stone, Moshe Stern, Joy Hagan, Joyce Park, and DanielTraub: The effects of age on tongue motion and speech duration.
Abstract Presentation

Hemant D. Tagare: Lessons from Cardiac Ultrasound Image Analysis. Abstract Presentation

Yoram Yekutieli: Biomechanics and control of the octopus arm. Abstract Presentation