Preliminary Program

Friday, 19 March 2010

Note: Posters will be going up from noon Friday onward; the poster session itself is on Saturday, but posters will also be displayed until the authors have to leave.

12-3:15: Hands-on demonstrations and presentations by manufacturers:

Ultrasonix Medical Corporation
Terason Corporation
Aloka Corporation
Palatron—Jeff Mielke
Biofeedback software—Tim Bressman
EdgeTrak and Surfaces—Maureen Stone
Sonosite Titan (portable) and Magic Arm—Lisa Davidson
CHAUSA—Amanda Miller
LogiqE—Adam Buchwald
QMU system—Alan Wrench
“Ultraspeech System” - Thomas Hueber, Bruce Denby
HOCUS system—Haskins Laboratories

3:15: Welcoming remarks

3:30-5:00: Oral presentations:

Donald Derrick & Bryan Gick
Planning strategies governing selection of kinematic flap/tap variants in North American English

Amanda Miller, Abigail Scott, Fusheini Hudu & Douglas Pulleyblank
Co-articulation of complex segments with high front vowels””

Christine Shadle, Khalil Iskarous & Michael I. Proctor
Use of ultrasound to study differences in the tongue dorsum of voiced vs. voiceless fricatives: a comparison to MRI data

Saturday, 20 March 2010

9:00-10:00: Oral presentations:

James M Scobbie, Eleanor Lawson & Jane Stuart-Smith “The rhotics and derhotics of Scottish English

Diana Archangeli & Jeff Berry “Different dark and light /l/s: English & Georgian

10:00-11:00: Keynote talk

Yoram Yekutieli (Hadassah Academic College and Weizmann Institute of Science), "Biomechanics and control of the octopus arm"

11:30-12:30: Oral presentations:

Lucie Menard, Corinne Toupin, Mélanie Thibeault, Aude Noiray, Marilyn Giroux & Marilène C. Rousseau “A study of VCV coarticulation in 4-year-old children and adults

Lisa Davidson & Tuuli Adams “Tracking changes in L2 articulation with longitudinal and native speaker comparisons

1:30-3:00: Poster session

Note: Prior to the poster session, everyone will gather for a session of very brief (30 second) descriptions of each poster. This will provide an overview of all 21 in just over 10 minutes.

Joshua Gardner & Maureen Stone “A comparison of midsagittal tongue shapes during clarinet performance and vowel production using ultrasound

Aude Noiray, D. H. Whalen & Khalil Iskarous “Adaptation of ultrasound imaging to the investigation of tongue control in toddlers

Sonja Schaeffler & James M Scobbie “An ultrasound and Vicon study of articulatory settings in German-English bilinguals

Michael Aron, Marie-Odile Berger & Erwan Kerrien “Evaluation of the uncertainty of multimodal articulatory data

Thomas Hueber, G. Chollet & B. Denby “Ultraspeech, a portable system for acquisition of high-speed ultrasound, video and acoustic speech data

Scott R. Moisik “Laryngeal ultrasound assessment of retracted and constricted articulations by phoneticians

Hosung Nam, Vikramjit Mitra and Khalil Iskarous “Artificial Neural Network prediction of midsagittal pharynx shape from dynamic ultrasound images

Robert Kennedy, Matthew Gordon & Diana Archangeli “Quantification and analysis of tongue curvature across subjects: height, anteriority, overlap”

Douglas N. Honorof, Mark K. Tiede, Aaron P. Schultz, Jennifer Nycz and
Céline Y. C. Chang
Mandarin /r/ in three space: comparing structural MRI and ultrasound reconstructions

Anastasios Roussos, Athanassios Katsamanis & Petros Maragos “Tongue appearance modeling and tracking in ultrasound images

Natalia Zharkova “Consonant-specific coarticulation in children and adults

Mirko Grimaldi, Andrea Calabrese, Francesco Sigona, Bianca Sisinni, Luigina Garrapa “Articulatory grounding of micro-parametric variation in Salentino harmony processes

Tanja Kocjančič “Ultrasound study of tongue movements in childhood apraxia of speech

Bianca Herold, Tim Bressmann, Janette Quintero, Martina Hielscher-Fastabend, Prisca Stenneken & Jonathan Irish “Analysis of vowel-consonant-vowel sequences in patients with partial glossectomies using 2D ultrasound imaging

Thomas Magnuson “Shadowed Place of Articulation as Observed via Ultrasound

Connor Mayer, Bryan Gick & Elizabeth Ferch “Talking while chewing: Speaker response to natural perturbation of speech”

Ya Li “Ultrasound study of Mandarin nasal place

Susan S. Lin “Effects of prosodic structure on the relative timing of articulatory movements in English laterals

D. H. Whalen, Aude Noiray & Leandro Bolaños “Articulation of Vowel Height in English Front Vowels: An Ultrasound Study ”

3:00-4:30: Oral presentations:

Shri Narayanan, Erik Bresch, Dani Byrd, Louis Goldstein & Krishna Nayak “Using rtMRI to image the vocal tract”

Jim Lee & Maureen Stone “Overlaying an ultrasound tongue on an MRI vocal tract”

Maureen Stone, Moshe Stern, Joy Hagan, Joyce Park & Daniel Traub “The effects of age on tongue motion and speech duration

5:00-6:00: Oral presentations:

Janette Quintero, Tim Bressmann, Katalin Mady, Ambros Beer, Catriona Steele, & Alexei Kochetov “Cine-magnetic resonance imaging and videofluoroscopy of partial glossectomees’ speech

Khalil Iskarous, Michael Proctor & Will Grathwohl “Using digital ultrasound to investigate trill vibration

Sunday, 21 March 2010

9:00-10:00: Oral presentations:

Alan Wrench, James Scobbie, Steve Cowen, Janine Lilienthal, Sonja Schaeffler, Natalia Zharkova & Tanja Kocjancic “Fan-averaging for ultrasound tongue contour evaluation

Jeff Mielke. Kenneth S. Olson & Joe Roy “Measuring articulatory similarity/The Kagayanen interdental approximant”

10:00-11:00: Keynote talk

Hemant Tagare (Yale University School of Medicine), "Finding anatomical structures in ultrasound images"

11:30-1:00: Oral presentations:

Sonya Bird, Janet Leonard & Scott Moisik “A motion vector analysis of tongue motion in SENĆOŦEN /qV/ and /Vq/ sequences

Stefan A. Frisch “Semi-automatic measurement of stop-consonant articulation using EdgeTrak

Heike Lehnert-LeHouillier “Investigating lexically conditioned phonetic variation with ultrasound

1:00: Closing Live Performance:

We will be treated to a live performance on the clarinet by Joshua Gardner, with concurrent ultrasound images of his tongue.