Talking Heads: Speech Production

Measuring and Modeling Speech Production

Measuring and Analyzing Speech Production

The configuration of the human vocal tract, which "shapes" speech acoustics, depends on the position of the speech articulators (tongue, lips, jaw, velum, and larynx). Furthermore, because the acoustics are continually changing during speech, it is the behavior of the speech articulators over time – the changes of articulatory configuration and their acoustic consequences – that must be analyzed. Recently, more adequate tools for observing speech production have been developed resulting in renewed interest in considering speech articulation and acoustics together. In this section, a brief sketch of the history of acoustic and articulatory research is given and some major experimental and analytic techniques used to study speech articulation are examined.

   Historical overview of the shifting articulatory and acoustic emphases in speech research.

   Experimental and analytic techniques.

   A paradigm for speech research.

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