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Talking Heads:Background
The inspiration for this webpage was the AVSP '97 meeting (the European Tutorial and Workshop on Audio-Visual Speech Processing) held in Rhodes (Greece), 26-27 September 1997. This was a satellite meeting of the 5th ESCA-organized EuroSpeech '97 Conference held in Rhodes on September 22-25, 1997.

Information is available for the AVSP '98 and AVSP '99 meetings.

At the AVSP '97 meeting, Ron Cole chaired a discussion in which he made the suggestion that databases of audio-visual speech productions be made available to interested researchers. If you have such data, please contact either Philip Rubin or Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson and we will try to make information about the data available on this webpage. A similar example is The Articulatory Database Registry hosted by Alan Wrench.

This website is dedicated with great love and appreciation to the memory of our friend, Christian Benoît.

(Note: This webpage is presently under development and is very incomplete. If you have corrections, changes, suggestions for additions, requests for material tabase Registry hosted by Alan Wrench.