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Brought to you by Philip Rubin and Eric Vatikiotis-Batesonn

This website provides an overview of the rapidly growing international effort to create talking heads (physiological / computational / cognitive models of audio-visual speech), the historical antecedents of this effort, and related work. Links are provided (where possible) to the sites of many researchers and commercial entities working in this diverse and exciting area.

The inspiration for this site was the AVSP '97 meeting (the European Tutorial and Workshop on Audio-Visual Speech Processing) held in Rhodes (Greece), 26-27 September 1997. This was a satellite meeting of the 5th ESCA (now ISCA)-organized EuroSpeech '97 Conference held in Rhodes on September 22-25, 1997. The Talking Heads site was officially released on Dec. 6, 1998, at the AVSP '98 meeting in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia.

See AVISA (the Auditory-Visual Speech Association, an ISCA SIG) for additional information on upcoming and recent meetings, and other information related to AV speech.

This website is dedicated with great love and appreciation to the memory of our friend, Christian Benoît.

(Notes: This site is constantly being changed, updated, and expanded. If you have corrections, changes, suggestions for additions, requests for material to be removed, etc., please let us know. In addition to serving as an overview of this research area, this site is also designed as a working outline for a book presently being written by Philip Rubin and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact one of the authors. This site was last modified on Feb. 7, 2006.)