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Talking Heads:
Electronic Speech Synthesis

Articulatory synthesis and modeling

Articulatory Synthesis is a method of generating speech by controlling the speech articulators (e.g. jaw, tongue, lips, etc.). Changing the position of the articulators results in a change in the shape of the vocal tract. In articulatory models this controllable vocal tract serves as a "filter" with its own resonance characteristics. Separate source models can be used to provide input for the system, resulting in sound being generated.

This section features background on and an interactive demonstration of the Haskins Laboratories Articulatory Synthesizer (ASY).

Additional information about articulatory synthesis and modeling is available at a number of sites, including:

    CASY: Configurable Articulatory Synthesis

    ICP (Grenoble) Articulatory Modeling

    IPKöln Articulatory Speech Synthesizer

    Sensimetrics HLsyn (quasi-articulatory commercial synthesizer)

    UCLA SPAPL: From MRI and Acoustic Data to Articulatory Synthesis

    A program for the synthesis of natural sounding speech (Peter Birkholz)

Articulatory Synthesis Bibliography