If my child participates, what will happen?

Over a 2-3 sessions at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, your child would be observed while talking and playing. Parents will also be interviewed. We will video record him or her talking, and will also assess how the brain responds to speech using a cap and a headband on the head.  Families will also be invited to return 10 weeks later for a follow-up session with their child.

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What are the costs?

There are no costs to parents.  Families will be paid $20 per hour for their time, plus $10 transportation/parking costs.  We will give your child a book to say “thank you” for helping us!

What are the benefits?

After the child has completed the tasks, parents will be given the option of attending a workshop that will meet once per month. These workshops will focus on strategies for stimulating language development in your 2 year old.

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