December 1st-3rd, 2015 in New Haven, Connecticut

Our Mission

Early development, health, and learning among at-risk children: A global perspective.


Haskins Laboratories, and its partner affiliated Universities; Yale University and the University of Connecticut, will convene December 1-3, 2015 with leading international scientists, representatives from key governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and health and education ministries in the developing world, to discuss ongoing activities and needs in the area of early childhood in disadvantaged populations. We will focus on children in rural and urban settings, those living in poverty and disadvantage, indigenous children, and those who must learn an additional language in order to obtain an education. Participants will share examples of programs being implemented around the world, addressing both successes and challenges, and the group will begin to establish new cross-national collaborations and develop plans for optimal approaches to coordinated, integrated efforts to improve the health, development, and learning of children from birth to age seven years. The meeting will take a holistic approach to child health, development, and learning, with a shared focus on research, practice, and policy, in the hope of making progress on four fronts in the developing world: Professional development for early childhood specialists, training for researchers and clinical scientists, use of technology, and new research and funding opportunities.
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Historical Yale University Campus

Yale Old Campus 2009

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Visiting New Haven

New Haven is located on the shoreline of Connecticut and is home to Yale University and a community that takes pride in their New England small-city feel. One of the top 10 most walkable cities in the nation, exploring all New Haven has to offer is exciting and easy! From our museums to art galleries, to our strong restaurant scene, your visit is sure to be an enjoyable one.

New Haven is known for their thin-crust New haven style pizza, called Apizza (pronounced a-BEETS) as well as claiming to be the birthplace of the hamburger sandwich at Louis' Lunch. If food tourism is your thing- New Haven is the place for you.

Lodging: Guests will be staying at the New Haven Hotel, located steps away from Haskins Laboratories.

Weather: In Connecticut we joke that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes. Expect the unexpected! Average temperatures for December are 47 degrees F and 7 degrees C. It is advised you pack a warm jacket and hat, scarf, and gloves. If you are coming from a region that does not have access to this type of weather apparel, please contact Annie Stutzman at: stutzman@haskins.yale.edu

Useful Links:
Visit New Haven
New Haven - Eighth "Most Walkable City in the country"

Money: The USD is used and conversion rates can be found at: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ It is advised that you convert some money either prior to travel or when you arrive. There are many places within main transportation hubs, such as the airport or train stations.





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