Posters from Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting. Boston, MA, April 5-8, 2014

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Clint Johns


Structural MRI reveals correlations between individual differences in language-related cognitive abilites and thickness of language-relevant cortical areas 

  Clint Johns Poster
Anish Kurian   Neural correlates of a language and non-language visuospatial processing in adolescents with reading disability   Anish Kurian Poster
Nicole Landi   Common but impactful genetic polymorphisms in COMT & BDNF are associated strongly with reading and related skills and associated patterns of neural activity   Nicole Landi Poster
Nicole Landi   Differential functional activation in language areas associated with auditory lexical learning as a function of sleep consolidation   Nicole Landi Poster
Jeff Malins   Greater expectations: A developmental increase in the influence of top-down information on Mandarin Chinese spoken word processing   Jeff Malins Poster
W. Einar Mencl   Individual differences in functional connectivity of the ventral stream during continuous reading   Einar Mencl Poster
Peter Molfese   Investigating neural correlates of implicit memory and reading ability   Peter Molfese Poster
Elpis V. Pavlidou   Levels of word processing in typical English speaking adults   Elpis Pavidou Poster
Jay Rueckl   How properties of the writing system determine the convergence of the speech and reading systems in the brain   Jay Rueckl
Caicai Zhang   Neural processing of phonetic and talker information in a tone language: An fMRI Study