Posters from 2014 University of Connecticut Language Fest, April 26, 2014

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Emily Baron


Reading skills predict patterns of brain activation during word and text processing

  Emily Baron
Bonnie Buis   Structural and gray matter differences between stutterers and non-stutterers   Bonnie Buis
Nina Gumkowski   Neurophysiological differences in childhood apraxia of speech   Nina Gumkowski
Kaja Jasinska   The BDNF Val/Met polymorphism is linked with children's reading and language skills and neural activation patterns in the brain's reading network   Kaja Jasinska
Hannah Jones   Structural MRI reveals correlations between individual differences in language-related cognitive abilities and thickness of language-relevant cortical areas   Jones Jones eyt al
Anish Kurian   Neural correlates of a language and non-language visuospatial processing in adolescents with reading disability   Anish Kurian Poster