HTI Conference, Friday, April 25, 2014

“Reading, Language, & The Brain: Research, Practice & Policy”

This conference was for everyone trying to reach children in the reading achievement gap: General education teachers, Reading teachers, Special education teachers, Speech and language professionals, ELL instructors, School administrators, Psychology and education students, policymakers, and parents.


Dr. Mark Seidenberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Dr. Kenneth Pugh (Haskins Laboratories)
Dr. Deborah L. Speece (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Dr. Peggy McCardle (Peggy McCardle Consulting, LLC)
Dr. Margie Gillis (President, Literacy How and Research Affiliate, Haskins Laboratories)
Ellen Cohn (Division Director, CT State Department of Education)
Dr. Michael Coyne (Research Scientist, Center for Behavioral Education and Research, UConn)
JoAnne White
(Consultant, K-3 Literacy, CT State Department of Education)
Elaine Zimmerman (Commissioner, CT Commission on Children)

Download Presentations [ppt] or [pdf]

Dr. Peggy McCardle [ppt]

Dr. Mark Seidenberg [pdf]

Dr. Deborah L. Speece [ppt]