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Haskins Library In House Journals

Below are the journals housed at Haskins in the back of the library or on the shelves in the main hallway.

If you have any problem finding what you need, please contact

Tammy Ursini, ext. 200




Annals of Otology, Rhinology, & Laryngology   Vol.84(1975)-Vol.116(2007)
AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal   Vol.1(1922)-Vol.75(1996)
Bullentin of Psychonomic Society   Vol.5(1975)-Vol.31(1993)
Cortex   Vol.1(1964)-Vol.33(1997)
Folia Phoniatrica et Logo paedica   Vol.16(1964)-Vol.61(2009)
Journal of Acoustical Society of America   Vol.1(1929)-Vol.104-2(1998)
Journal of Auditory Research   Vol.1(1961)-Vol.7(1967)
Journal of Audio Engineering Society   Vol.30(1982)-Vol.41(1993)
Journal of Memory & Language   Vol.25(1986)-Vol.59(2008)
Journal of Motor Behavior   Vol.11(1979)-Vol.40(2008)
Journal of Phonetics   Vol.1(1973)-Vol.36(2008)
Monitor on Psychology   Vol.34(2003)-Vol.39(2008)
Reading Research Quarterly   Vol.3(1967)-Vol.31(1996)
Scientific American   Jan. 1995 - Nov. 2008
The Cleft Palate  

Cumulative Index Vol.1-12



The Reading Teacher   Vol.55(2002)-Vol.63(2010)