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Welcome to the Haskins Engineering and Building News page. Please direct any questions or concerns to Donald Hailey.

Building and Facilities :

We now have in place a new web-based facility for reporting building issues including: (1) building problems, (2) cleaning concerns, (3) furniture issues, and (4) any other building-related problems that need attention. To use this new feature, click on the "Report Building Issues" to the bottom left of this page.

The problem reporting form should be self-explanatory. If you have questions about its use, or feel that changes are needed, please contact Michael D'Angelo. Once a problem has been entered, email will be sent to the relevant individuals responsible for building, cleaning, and furniture issues. An email will also be sent to you, so that you have a record of logging the problem. The status of problem reports can be tracked by clicking on the "View All" button at the bottom of "Report Building Issues" page or by clicking on "Search" on that page to search for the relevant report. A permanent record of logged problems will be kept just in case they are needed in the future when dealing with building matters.

New coffee system

Please be advised that Haskins Labs has contracted with Crystal Rock (our current bottled water supplier) to supply us with coffee and related supplies in the kitchen.  You will now notice a new coffee maker that has been hooked up to the actual water supply under the sink.  This means that all that is needed to make coffee is to drop a filter and bag of coffee into the basket, position the pot underneath, turn the machine “On”, and press the “Brew” button.  The brand of coffee available to us through this vendor is Green Mountain coffee and we have ordered their regular, decaf and french roast blends. Since water is connected to this machine, you will also notice that there is now a “Hot Water” valve that will supply hot water whenever needed. Crystal Rock will also supply us with creamers which can be found in the fridge drawers, and a variety pack of teas that are kept in the cabinets. Please direct any questions or concerns on this matter to either Joe Cardone or Donald Hailey.  

Phone system

Questions or concerns about our phone system should be addressed to Tammy Ursini.


Please contact Donald Hailey if you have questions or concerns regarding equipment or facilities at the Laboratories, particularly if you have upcoming needs.

(This page was last updated on July 12, 2007.)


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