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Welcome to the Haskins Laboratories Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) webpage. The mission of the GCO is to facilitate and support sponsored research at the Laboratories.   Toward that goal this webpage will provide information and links to websites such as, NIH, NSF, OHRP , U.S. Dept. of Education, Yale School of Medicine Human Investigation Committee and others. It will keep you updated on the changes in policy, upcoming seminars, as well as the latest trends from Washington.

For questions or comments on anything on this page, please contact Susan Galli, Manager of Grants and Contracts.

Please see related information on the Research News page.

Haskins Laboratories NSF Data Management Plan (DMP)

Haskins Laboratories supports the National Science Foundation (NSF) policy to share, at no more than incremental cost and within a reasonable time frame, the primary data gathered in the course of work funded by NSF grants. The Laboratories will provide access to the final form of research data that is acquired in its experiments or those done in conjunction with other research groups. For addional information, cllick here.

How to Get Started

Investigators who want to submit a grant through Haskins Laboratories should start by reading the Haskins Grant Submission Procedures (click here to download a PDF version of the document). These procedures require the submission of a signed Letter of Intent, which outlines key information about their project, and approval by the Steering Committee. (Click here to download the Letter of Intent in Word (.doc) format). By signing this document the investigator is agreeing to both the Grant Submission Procedures and other relevant Laboratories’ policies described in these Procedures.

Required NIH Human Subjects Training

Anyone identified as "key personnel" (those who are involved in the design and/or conduct of research involving human subjects) must take this training. This requirement extends to all funding mechanisms: grants, contracts, fellowships, training grants, etc., as well as subcontracts on any award. Training can be met by any of the following:

1) Human Participation Protection Education for Research Teams Training Program

2) For University of Connecticut employees and students only click here.

3) Certification from another university.

A copy of your certification must be provided to the GCO before becoming involved in any research project.

How to Search for Funding is a website that allows organizations to electronically find opportunities for federal funding. is the single access point for over 1000 grant programs offered by all Federal grant-making agencies.


Note: At the present time, Haskins Laboratories only allows submission of grants to federal agencies or those that reimburse overhead at the rate established by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Other Useful Links

The Move to Electronic Submission

Electronic submission is here! Effective February 2007 all grant applications must be submitted this way. The NIH 398 kit no longer exists and has been replaced by the SF424 family of forms Grant application packages can be accessed by logging onto, locating the grant you wish to apply for and downloading the application package. Please note that although an investigator can download this information, only an Authorized Signatory Official can actually submit the grant. Therefore, investigators should contact the Manager of Grants and Contracts before uploading any information into the application package.

NIH eSubmission Video

The NIH has posted in their Video Library the presentation "Interacting Electronically with NIH Part I& II." Viewers are walked through an overview of the electronic submission program and step-by-step through the submission process providing handy tips along the way. Check it out at!

NIH Grant Receipt Dates:


Want to See How a Grant is Reviewed?

A 45-minute video of an actual study section review of a R01 and R03, including common pitfalls and tips for success.


(Please see Richard Crane for any technical problems downloading this video)

Haskins Laboratories NSF Data Management Plan (DMP)

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