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Dave Braze2015-10-09OtherSuggestion: On this page http://www.haskins.yale.edu/intranet.html , the link labeled 'Create Support Ticket' should instead be called 'Yale IT Support Ticket' or similar.Complete10/09 - changed the label - Mike
Dave Braze2015-10-11OtherOn this page: http://www.haskins.yale.edu/intranet/labManager/activeGrants/ 1. PIs Zevin, Braze & Ostry should be listed as 'Ph.D.' 2. This table seems to be a list of HIC protocols, NOT active grant(s), contrary to the table heading. 3. Wouldn't it be better if links at PI names went directly to their individual Haskins web pages (e.g., http://www.haskins.yale.edu/staff/ostry.html ), instead of all going to http://www.haskins.yale.edu/staff/ ? HINT: It would. CompletePage was removed.
Dave Braze2015-10-26OtherWhen Tammy is away, as she has been recently, it seems that no one attends to room reservation requests. There should be a back-up plan for handling room reservations and other time critical requests that automatically falls into place when those with primary responsibility are out sick, on vacation, whatever. Complete10/26 - I will be cc'd on emails and will reserve the room. Will meet with Tammy on Wed to come up with a better system. Mike
Dave Braze2015-11-13OtherThere is no link for Isabelle Liberman on the Haskins 'In Memoriam' page: http://www.haskins.yale.edu/staff/memoriam.html -DCompleteLink to obituary was included.
Dave Braze2015-12-07Buildingelectrical outlet to left of sink in kitchen does not work.CompleteJoe found and reset the circuit breaker.
Dave Braze2015-12-07OtherWith regard to the keystone reporting system, it would be nice if there were an easy way to view existing issues, those that have already been logged into the system. One way to do that would be for the link on the intranet page that is labelled 'Infrastructure Reporting System' to lead to a page that offers several options (currently it goes directly to a page for entering a new 'problem'). The options might be: o view my issues (view issues logged to the email address of the current user) o view all open issues (view all unresolved issues in the system) o view all issues (view all logged issues, whether resolved or not) o initiate new issue (initiate a new issue) Complete12/10 - The interface has been changed to offer different ways of viewing issues. Mike
Jocelyn Springfield2016-01-22TechnicalThere have been issues with the A182 Filemaker database not exporting fall of the data. Certain participants will be left out of the export, but the data is there when you check Filemaker. I think this has been happening to other projects as well.New
Dave Braze2016-01-25OtherThis page, http://www.haskins.yale.edu/intranet/labManager/activeGrants/ , referenced in a previous note on 2015-10-11, is still available on the web server (it has NOT been removed).New
Emily Baron2016-01-25TechnicalIn regards to FileMaker in the a182/a40-4 database, I have emailed Mike D'angelo to fix this issue. A40-4 had recent edits to our TOWRE and WCJ-III pages with several glitches found on TOWRE entry page: Items Per Minute column will not generate a number when other fields are entered. It appears that the decimal place needs to be altered in the equation used for there to be a successful output in that column. Sight Word Efficiency Raw Score column needs to be edited to allow up to the maximum raw score of 104, current range is set 1-99. New
Bonnie Buis2016-01-25TechnicalData processing support. An attempt this afternoon to process DTI data using a secondary user name on MRI room computers revealed out of date software, system preferences that kept crashing (could not permit the use of application downloaded from the internet) and internet browsers that crashed when software was downloaded. These issues occurred across multiple computers and usernames. No IT staff were present in the lab to resolve the issues as they were occurring. New
Dave Braze2016-02-09BuildingBeeping light fixture near entrance to pod 9, between the water-stained ceiling tile and the exit sign.New
Steve Frost2016-05-19TechnicalDell PC with Windows 7 indicates that there is a license issue. New




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