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Welcome to the Neuroimaging News page. Einar Mencl is the Director of Neuroimaging at Haskins Laboratories and is responsible for the content on this page. Please contact him if you have questions.
A Haskins fMRI Workshop was held on Jan. 26, 31, and Feb. 2, 2006. Course materials are available here.


Vanessa De Nicola has begun a semester-long internship with the fMRI lab at Haskins, as part of her Master's degree program at SCSU. She will spend the next few months learning fMRI image analysis procedures, and assisting with the analysis of ongoing studies.

We are planning to have Ram Frost and his graduate student Atira visit from Hebrew University in May, tentatively the week of May 10-15. Atira is presenting a poster at the ISMRM conference in Seattle immediately prior, and the two of them will visit Haskins to learn more about fMRI acquisition and analysis, and prepare an initial Hebrew/English bilingual fMRI study.

Of the four external server drives that were taken offline recently, two are restored and the remaining two are still under testing.

The newer version of "vtk" - hence BioImageSuite - can be run by typing "bis" and return at the UNIX prompt. Afterwards, remember to close that command window so that these new files aren't still on the path if you try to run the current version. Once we play with it enough to verify that results are identical, or similar enough, to the current version, I'll swap this in as default.

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