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Welcome to the Haskins Research News page. Douglas Whalen is the Vice President for Research at Haskins Laboratories and is responsible for the content on this page. This page will have information related to the research that is conducted at Haskins. Please contact Doug if you have questions.

Haskins Research Protections Online (HARPO):

Please refer to the Grants News page for the steps necessary within Haskins for submitting a grant. These include
• approval by the Steering Committee;
• coordination with the Technical Resources Committee;
• review by two senior scientists, usually including Carol Fowler.

Note: NIH is moving toward electronic submission. Information about the phasing-in process can be found at:

General information about NIH grants can be found at:
General information about NSF grants can be found at:
General information about Dept. of Education grants can be found at:
There is a new, unified service for grants from any government agency:

Some non-governmental sources:
We have a copy of the Foundation Directory which can be found in the Library .

Acoustical Society of America grants:
ASLHA grants, including the Klatt Memorial award for Speech Research:
Fulbright scholarships:
Guggenheim fellowships:
Parkinsons Disease:

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