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Mastering Reading Instruction (MRIn)

First grade teachers’ primary responsibility is to teach children to read. In order to better understand how teachers’ knowledge about reading relates to their students’ achievement, this professional development project will study the relationships among what a teacher knows about reading, how reading is taught in the classroom, and what students’ performance is on a variety of reading assessment measures.

Over the past four years of Early Reading Success, we have worked with approximately 200 teachers in 20 schools applying the reading research in real classrooms. Over 30 mentors have been trained to coach and support teachers as they build knowledge about the complexities of reading as well as practice classroom techniques that are based on research.

All of the first grade teachers in MRIn will receive the same professional development in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, half will also benefit from the placement of a Haskins-trained mentor in the classroom to help translate reading research into effective instructional practice.

Teacher Quality Research Program

The purpose of the Teacher Quality research program is to identify effective strategies for improving the performance of classroom teachers in ways that increase student learning and school achievement. The program will support research on key issues of teacher quality that are likely to lead to substantial gains in academic ateacherchievement for all students and a reduction of the achievement gap between minority and non-minority students and between economically disadvantaged students and their more advantaged peers. Long term outcomes of the Teacher Quality program will be an array of tools and strategies (e.g., pre-service and in-service programs, policies, assessments) that have been demonstrated to be effective for improving and assessing teacher performance in ways that are linked to increases in student achievement.