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For Immediate Release
September 23, 2010

Pugh appointed to NICHD Vision Plasticity Organizing Group

NEW HAVEN—Kenneth R. Pugh, Ph.D., President and Director of Research at Haskins Laboratories, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, and Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Yale University, has been named to serve as a member of the National Institute of Health's NICHD Vision Plasticity Workshop Organizing Group. Pugh was appointed by Dr. Alan Guttmacher, who was recently named as Director of NICHD. Pugh's appointment began in September 2010.

During the coming year, the NICHD (the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH, DHHS) will collaborate with its various stakeholders to identify the most promising scientific opportunities of the next decade across the breadth of the Institute's mission. Information on NICHD's Scientific Vision: The Next Decade can be found at: http://www.nichd.nih.gov/vision/index.cfm

"In its Vision process, the NICHD and its external partners will think broadly, transcending traditional boundaries of organizations and disciplines to identify the next decade's most promising scientific opportunities across the Institute's diverse research areas. Unlike strategic planning efforts, in which the Institute sets specific priorities for its individual components, the Vision process will set a direction for the NICHD as a whole. The desired outcome of this process is a Vision Statement that will chart an ambitious but achievable scientific vision for the NICHD and its research communities. To help develop this Vision, the Institute will ask for input from scientific, policy, and public health experts from many different disciplines; members of Institute advisory committees; representatives from professional societies and advocacy organizations; and NICHD and NIH staff. Ultimately, the NICHD aims to publish its final Vision statement in one or more scientific journals and through other outlets."

Dr. Pugh is serving on the Organizing Group for the NICHD Vision Workshop on Plasticity, chaired by Dr. Pamela Duncan and Dr. John Chae. "Although plasticity and repair are fundamental properties of a developing organism and are key processes in responding to such biological challenges as injury/trauma or disease, they are often not well understood.  Learning how to take advantage of plasticity in contexts, including medical rehabilitation, of specific interest to the NICHD could increase our ability to improve and maintain health along the developmental trajectory.  Likewise, this knowledge could help researchers remodel, sustain, and enhance function in response to injury/trauma, disease, or disability." Information on this NICHD Vision theme can be found at: http://www.nichd.nih.gov/vision/vision_themes/plasticity.cfm

Haskins Laboratories was founded in 1935 by the late Dr. Caryl P. Haskins. This independent research institute has been in New Haven, Connecticut since 1970 when it formalized affiliations with Yale University and the University of Connecticut. The Laboratories' primary research focus is on the science of the spoken and written word.


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