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Alvi Liberman The Alvin Liberman Scholarship is a prize given to a graduate student at Haskins Laboratories who best exemplifies the intellectual and scientific excellence, and if possible, the scientific interests of Alvin Liberman.

Alvin M. Liberman was President of Haskins Laboratories from 1975 through 1986. Along with his colleagues, his ideas set the agenda for over fifty years of research in the psychology of speech perception, reading, and cognitive psychology.

Additional information about him can be found here and here.

The recipients, to date, of the Alvin Liberman Scholarship have been:

2001 Bruno Galantucci
2002 Marianne Pouplier
2005 Hosung Nam
2006 Navin Viswanathan
2007 Anuenue Kukona
2009 Michael Proctor