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You will most likely be flying to Hartford/Springfield (Bradley International Airport). From there, you can take the Connecticut Limo to New Haven. You will have to make a reservation at the Ground Transportation desk upon arrival. The waiting time may be 1 hour or more. The trip to New Haven takes about 1 hour and costs $90 (round-trip). You may prefer to rent a car instead. It is an easy drive on I-91 South to New Haven.

If you are flying to New York (Kennedy, La Guardia, or Newark airports), and you are not renting a car, you could again take the Connecticut Limo, but the trip can take up to 4 hours and costs $126 (round-trip) from Kennedy/La Guardia and $156 from Newark. Moreover, the ride can be very uncomfortable. A cheaper, but hardly faster, alternative is to take the airport bus to Manhattan (Grand Central Station) and from there the Metro North train to New Haven. Renting a car is probably preferable. You drive to New Haven via the Van Wyck Expressway, Whitestone Bridge, and I-95 N (2-3 hours, depending on traffic).

There are few connections to New Haven's tiny Tweed New Haven Regional Airport, although it is convenient. At present there seem to be only US Airways flights from Philadelphia. If you are arriving at Tweed, take a taxi into New Haven; it is only a few miles.

If you arrive by Limo in New Haven, take a taxi to the Laboratories or to your hotel.



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