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Posters & Presentations

We have started to archive research posters and presentations created by members of the Haskins community. Most of these are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or PowerPoint format (PPT). Below is a list of posters and presentations presently in our archive. Click on the title of the paper to download the document in the format indicated. Click on the name of a Haskins author to go to their staff page.

Catherine T. Best and Daniel Lazarek. (2005). Influences of Visible Place Versus Manner Distinctions on Perception of Audio-Visual English CV Syllables. AVSP’05. (PPT)

Catherine T. Best, Anthony Traill, Allyson Carter, K. David Harrison and Alice Faber. !Xóõ click perception by English, Isizulu, and Sesotho listeners.

Braze, D., Mencl, W.E., Shankweiler, D.P., Tabor, W. & Schultz, A. (2006, July 6). Skill-Related Differences in the Online Reading Behavior of Young Adults: Evidence from Eye-Movements. Talk given at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading. Vancouver, Canada. [PDF]

Braze, D., Shankweiler, D. P., & Tabor, W. (2004). Individual Differences in Processing Anomalies of Form and Content. Poster presented at the 17th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. College Park, MD. [PDF]

Braze, D. (2003). The Role of Experience in Sentence Acceptability and Sentence Processing. Poster presented at the 16th CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. Boston, MA. [PDF]

Julia R. Irwin. (2006). Audiovisual speech perception in children with autism spectrum disorders. ASA 2006. (PDF)

Tamara A. Kencalo, Catherine T. Best, Michael D. Tyler and Louis M. Goldstein. (2007). Perception of native and non-native fricative contrasts by Ukrainian-Australian English binlinguals and Australian English monolinguals. EPC 2007. (PPT)

Kevin Roon and Adamantios I. Gafos (2010). Using dynamical representations to model perceptuo-motor interactions and phoneme categorization. (PDF)

Stephen Tobin & Hosung Nam (2010). Asymmetries in Spanish-English Gestural Drift: Data and Model. (PDF)

Michael D. Tyler and Catherine T. Best. (2006). Can a MAN be a MON? Toddlers’ Spoken-Word Familiarity Preferences in Native Versus Nonnative Dialects. ICIS06. (PDF)

Michael D. Tyler, Catherine T. Best, Louis M. Goldstein, Mark Antoniou, and Lidija Krebs-Lazendic. (2007). Infants’ discrimination of native versus non-native within-organ and between-organ speech contrasts. EPC 2007. (PDF)

A list of recent publications by members of the Haskins community is also available.