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A-110: Acoustics of Vocal Tract Shapes for Liquids
(Mark Tiede, PI of Haskins' subcontract;
Suzanne Boyce, PI of the proposal through the University of Cincinnati)

Research Goals. The research is about individual differences in production of /r/ and /l/. These phones give child language learners and native speakers of other languages difficulty as they learn to speak English. Moreover, articulatory data show large individual differences in tongue configuration among fluent native speakers. Using MRI, the project aims to acquire a multispeaker database of vocal tract volume and shape as these liquids are produced. The data is being used to develop acoustic models of interspeaker differences in vocal tract configuration. The researchers also are collecting ultrasound data on the longitudinal profile of the tongue on the same speakers.

Current Status. The grant ends of Feb. 28, 2007. Suzanne Boyce and colleagues intended to submit a renewal application for the June 2007 deadline of NIDCD.

[This project is supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH Grant DC-05250).]