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A-149 Reading disability in grades 3-8: Neurocognitive factor
Einar Mencl, P.I.

Research Goals. This is a small Haskins subcontract on the Neuroimaging Core within a Center grant to the Kennedy Krieger Institute (M. Denckla, P.I.; S. Mostofsky, Neuroimaging Core P.I.). The project as a whole examines reading disabilities using behavioral and neuroimaging measures, assesses subtyping and comorbidities, and responsiviness to intervention. Einar and Steve Frost are on the subcontract and provide advice on fMRI design and analysis, as well as on the theoretical logic of experimental manipulations for these questions and populations.

Current Status. This grant is funded for 5 years. Total costs for the Haskins subcontract’s first year are $11,224.