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A-150 Consulting Services
Yale Child Study Center, Gordon Ramsay

Research Goals. As part of a new collaboration between Haskins Laboratories and the Laboratory for Social Neuroscience at the Yale Child Study Center, Gordon Ramsay is working with Ami Klin, Warren Jones, and David Lin on statistical analysis of eye-tracking data gathered from children with autism. This is part of an ongoing NIH-funded project at Yale that focuses on examining the relative influence of social and physical contingencies on auditory and visual perception in infants with ASD. The initial 1-year subcontract has mainly involved consulting work; Gordon has provided expertise in mathematics and signal processing and have helped to develop new methodologies for analyzing existing data sets. However, Gordon and collaborators have identified a number of future projects which they hope will lead this work in novel and exciting directions of interest to both institutions.

Current Status. The current collaborative arrangement is for the year beginning 4/01/07. The funded amount is $92,238. However, Gordon and Yale Child Study collaborators have jointly written and submitted three new grant proposals: "Perception of Physical and Social Contingencies in Infants With Autism" (NIH/NIHCD,R01), "The Ontogeny of Social Visual Engagement in Infants at Risk for Autism" (NIH/NIMH,R01), and "Influencing Perception of Physical and Social Contingencies in Infants With Autism" (Autism Speaks). Any one of these proposals, if funded, will guarantee extension of A150 for a further five-year period, and will help to facilitate closer cooperation between our institutions.