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A-159 A kinematic study of phonetic reduction in American Sign Language
Martha Tyrone, NIH

Research Goals. The goal of the study is to compare conventionalized and spontaneous sign lowering. In the former, particular signs that are produced at the forehead or temple in citation form are lowered by convention in fluent signing.  In the latter, in rapid signing or under coarticulatory pressure, other signs produced at the forehead or temple also lower. Kinematic data will be collected from native ASL signers. Signing speed and context will be manipulated. Martha expects to see that the occurrence and extent of lowering will be influenced by the sign’s articulatory structure and by whether lowering will allow the sign to be identified by viewers as the intended sign. Current Status.  This project was funded for two years beginning 9/1/07. Total costs for the first year are $80,406.