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A-75: Acquisition of Language and Literacy by Deaf Children and Adults
(Diane Lillo-Martin, PI)

Research Goals. This research project investigates the acquisition of American Sign Language (ASL) and beginning English reading skills in deaf children. The children studied have had (a) exposure to ASL from birth from their deaf, signing parents; (b) exposure to ASL by the age of two years from their hearing parents who are learning to sign; and from special ASL preschool programs; or (c) exposure to ASL after the age of two years, from hearing parents and/or school programs. By studying these three groups, effects of age of exposure to language on its acquisition can be determined.

Current Status. This project was first funded in 1988. Funding for a new three-year cycle began 4/1/06. Total costs for the second year are $373,361.

[This project is supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH Grant DC-00183).]