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A-83: Sources of Sound in Speech
(Anders Löfqvist, PI)

Research Goals. The proposed experiments are designed to explore, in populations of normal adult and child speakers, the contribution of oral and laryngeal articulations to the regulation of air pressure in the production of voiceless consonants. Research studies also examine the kinematic coordination of the oral and laryngeal articulations, and investigate how the kinematics of the oral articulators are affected by phonetic context in making the stop closures. Together, the results of these experiments contribute to our ability to infer the underlying articulatory movements from records of air pressure and air flow. Since the recording of pressure and flow is non-invasive it can be used in populations, such as children, where it is impractical to use more invasive procedures. In addition, these procedures should be useful in the clinical management and assessment of speech and voice disorders.

Current Status. This project began on September 1, 1990. More recently, it was renewed for a five year period beginning April 15, 2001. It is currently on an unfunded extension. Anders intends to submit a renewal for the March, 2008 deadline.

[This project is supported by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH Grant DC-00865).]