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The Science of the Spoken and
Written Word

In conjunction with our move in April 2005 from 270 Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut, to our new facilities at 300 George Street, the Laboratories produced a large brochure ("The Science of the Spoken and Written Word") that provides an overview of the mission and work of the Laboratories along with a brief history of our research ("Decades of Discovery"). This 44-page brochure is available as a PDF file. Please also be sure to download the current "Haskins Community" document which changes too frequently to have been included in the brochure.

If you would like to have a hardcopy of this brochure sent to you, please contact Philip Rubin, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, at 203-865-6163, ext. 222.

(We would like to thank the firm of Jan Krukowski and Company for their assistance in the production of this brochure along with Lithographics, Inc., who helped defray expenses for the printing of the document. Thanks also to Patrick Nye, Michael Studdert-Kennedy, Ken Emerson, Cathi Best, Susan Brady, Alice Faber, Carol Fowler, Ram Frost, Vincent Gracco, Louis Goldstein, Katherine Harris, Yvonne Manning-Jones, David Ostry, Ken Pugh, Philip Rubin, Lyn Traverse, and Doug Whalen for their assistance with this project.)