The administration of Haskins Laboratories consists of Corporate Officers, Administrators, and Administrative Staff. Additional management support is provided by several committees


Kenneth R. Pugh, President and Director of Research
Philip E. Rubin, Chief Executive Officer (on leave)
Douglas H. Whalen, Vice President of Research
Vincent Gracco, Vice President of Scientific Operations
Joseph Cardone, Vice President of Finance and Administration
Betty J. DeLise, Controller
Susan Galli, Manager of Grants and Contracts

Administrative Staff

Lisa Fresa, Financial Assistant
Tammy Ursini, Office Manager

Haskins Laboratories' administrative structure includes management by its corporate officers combined with assistance from other administrators and administrative staff and consultation from a number of internal administrative committees. The corporate management team consists of Kenneth R. Pugh, the President and Director of Research; Philip E. Rubin, Chief Executive Officer (on leave); Douglas H. Whalen, Vice President of Research; Joseph P. Cardone, Chief Financial Officer. Other senior personnel include a Controller (Betty DeLise), a Manager of Grants and Contracts (Susan Galli), an overseer of graduate student performance (Douglas Whalen), and managers of different technology areas including neuroimaging, engineering, microcomputers and systems.

Community-wide participation in the decision process is provided, in the main, through the agency of three committees known as the Steering Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Technical Resources Committee. The Steering Committee considers matters of policy, planning, and personnel, and its decisions are considered as non-binding recommendations to the officers of the Laboratories. Kenneth R. Pugh (President and Director of Research) is Chair of this committee. The Technical Resources Committee is the principal operating agency of the Laboratories. It handles technical and operations issues related to our research mission and our day-to-day operation, including information technology, engineering, and physical plant matters. In addition, it is involved with long-range planning on these issues and has a mandate to explore technological issues that might provide useful to our ongoing research or to future research endeavors. The Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Douglas Whalen, is charged with determining the road that Haskins Laboratories will take over future years. Both the research topics that fit our mission and the means needed to support them are given active consideration. Additional committees or working groups have been organized to handle specific Laboratories’ issues and meet as required.






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