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Kaja Jasinska

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Current Position

Assistant Professor in the Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department at the University of Delaware, and Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories.

Currently accepting graduate students and research assistants to join the laboratory at the University of Delaware. Interested students can apply to the PhD program in
Linguistics or Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Education and Training

Research Interests
I am fundamentally interested in the neural mechanisms that support language (monolingual or bilingual, signed or spoken), reading and cognitive development across the lifespan.  My research asks questions such as how does early life experience change the brain’s capacity for language and learning?  I use MRI and functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging technology in combination with genetic and behavioral analyses to gain new insights into the biological underpinnings of language, reading, and human cognition.

Recently, my research has focused on understanding child development (particularly literacy outcomes) in environments with high risk of illiteracy. Currently, my team and I are conducting a field neuroimaging study in the rural C
ôte d'Ivoire aimed at understanding how the neural circuitry for reading emerges under extremely poor conditions (more).

My research also develops novel data analysis approaches to functional neuroimaging data.  My work uses combinations of multivariate statistics and modeling to quantify developmental changes among interacting brain systems that give rise to language and higher cognitive functions.