Landi, N., & Skiba, T. (2011, January). Dan Malloy, Dyslexia & Neuroscience [Radio series episode]. In McEnroe, C., The Colin McEnroe Show Hartford, CT: National Public Radio (NPR).



Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (Cognitive Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience), 2005.


My research focuses on a language and reading development in typically developing children and adolescents, and in children with complex neurodevelopmental disorders, including dyslexia, SLI and autism. I use multiple methodologies including fMRI, sMRI, EEG, ERP eyetracking & genetic analyses to explore the underlying etiology of typical and atypical language and reading processes.

Lab Members

Current Postdocs

Trey Avery
Kaja Jaskinska (PhD University of Toronto)

PhD students currently working with Dr. Landi

Meaghan Perdue (UConn Psych)
Kayleigh Rhyerd (UConn Psych)
Katie Shaw (UConn Psych)

Graduate Student Affiliates

Andre Lindsey, UConn SLHS (Primary Advisor. P. Ramanathan)
Mora Reinka, UConn Psych (Primary Advisor C. Leach)
Russell Richie, UConn Psych (Primary Advisor M. Coppola)

Postbac RAs

Nina Gumkowski (BA Mount Holyok College)
Emily Baron (BA University of Connecticut)
Olivia Harold (BA University of Connecticut) and
Eva Montas (BA SCSU)
Jackie Turcios (BA SCSU)

Lab Alumni

Sayako Earle, UConn SLHS
Vanessa Harwood, UConn SLHS
Sergey Kornilov, Postdoc Yale Child Study Center, Department of Psychology, UConn &
    Moscow State University
Jia Wu, Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Child Study Center
Katrina Schleissman, Postdoc at the University of Minnesota
Ben Siepel, Assistant Professor at California State University Chico
Virginia Clinton, Faculty, University of North Dakota, Postdoc at
      The University of Wisconsin Madison

Representative Publications:

Kornilov, S.A., Magnuson, J.S., Rakhlin, N., Landi, N., & Grigorenko, E.L. (2015) Lexical Processing Deficits in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: an Event-Related Potentials Study. Development and Psychopathology, 27, 459-476.

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