PhD (Neuroscience), The University of Western Ontario, 2013
MSc (Neuroscience), The University of Western Ontario, 2009
BSc (Molecular Biology & Genetics), The University of Guelph, 2007

Current Interests

I am fascinated by the extent of variation in human languages. I am particularly curious about how this variation is reflected in the neurobiological systems involved in comprehending speech and print. This led me to become specifically interested in Mandarin Chinese, as it is relatively understudied compared to languages such as English and Dutch, even though it is very widely spoken. Furthermore, it is very different from English given that it makes use of the feature of lexical tone and also employs a logographic script. To date, my work has focused on comparing typical language processing in Mandarin and English using a variety of techniques, such as eyetracking, ERPs, and fMRI. Additionally, I have applied these techniques to investigate language and reading impairments in both languages. It is my view that these types of investigations will allow us to develop psycholinguistic theories and models that are more universal in nature. Furthermore, these findings can help us gain a richer understanding of how impairments manifest across different language groups.


Malins, J. G., Gao, D., Tao, R., Booth, J., Shu, H., Joanisse, M., Liu, L., & Desroches, A. (in press). Developmental differences in the influence of phonological similarity on spoken word processing in Mandarin Chinese. Brain & Language.

Malins, J. G., Desroches, A. S., Robertson, E. K., Newman, R. L., Archibald, L. M. D., & Joanisse, M. F. (2013). ERPs reveal the temporal dynamics of auditory word recognition in Specific Language Impairment. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 5, 134-148.

Malins, J. G. & Joanisse, M. F. (2012). Setting the tone: An ERP investigation of the influences of phonological similarity on spoken word recognition in Mandarin Chinese. Neuropsychologia, 50(8), 2032-2043.

Malins, J. G. & Joanisse, M. F. (2012). Towards a model of tonal processing during Mandarin spoken word recognition. Invited contribution to the Third International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages, Nanjing, China.

Malins, J. G. & Joanisse, M. F. (2010). The roles of tonal and segmental information in Mandarin spoken word recognition: An eyetracking study. Journal of Memory & Language, 62(4), 407-420.

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