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Einar Mencl
Einar Mencl
Haskins Laboratories
300 George Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Haskins Phone: (203) 865-6163, x274
Yale Phone: (203) 764-9353
Haskins Fax: (203) 865-8963

Regular Days at Haskins: Monday - Friday

Director of Neuroimaging Research, Haskins Laboratories
Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories
PI of Haskins' subcontract, A-117: Smoking, Brain Function and Outcome in Adolescents

Ph.D., Dartmouth College (Experimental Psychology), 1994;
B.A.,  University of Maine (Psychology and Philosophy), 1990.

Research Interests

Cognitive neuroscience, dyslexia, and music perception. Currently I am trying to understand the structure of cognition via network analysis of brain activation patterns. Tomorrow? Who knows.

Representative Publications

Shaywitz, B.A., Shaywitz, S.E., Pugh, K.R., Mencl, W. E., Fulbright, R.K., Skudlarski, P., Constable, R.T., Marchione, K.E., Fletcher, J.M., Lyon, G. R., & Gore, J.C. (2002). Disruption of posterior brain systems for reading in children with developmental dyslexia. Biological Psychiatry, 52, 101-110. (PDF)

Pugh, K.R., Mencl, W.E., Jenner, A.R., Katz, L., Frost, S.J., Lee, J.R., Shaywitz, S.E., & Shaywitz, B.A. (2001). Neurobiological studies of reading and reading disability. Journal of Communication Disorders, 34, 479-492. (PDF)

Pugh, K.R., Mencl, W.E., Shaywitz, B.A., Shaywitz, S.E., Fulbright, R.K., Constable, R.T., Skudlarski, P., Marchione, K.E., Jenner, A.R., Fletcher, J.M., Liberman, A.M., Shankweiler, D.P., Katz, L., Lacadie, C., & Gore, J.C. (2000). The angular gyrus in developmental dyslexia: task-specific differences in functional connectivity within posterior cortex. Psychological Science, 11, 51-56. (PDF)

Mencl, W.E., Pugh, K.R., Shaywitz, S.E., Shaywitz, B.A., Fulbright, R.K., Constable, R.T., Skudlarski, P., Katz, L.,  Marchione, K.E., Lacadie, C., & Gore, J.C. (2000). Network analysis of brain activations in working memory: behavior and age relationships. Microscopy Research & Techniques, 51, 64-74.

Ni, W., Constable, R.T., Mencl, W.E., Pugh, K.R., Fulbright, R.K., Shaywitz, S.E., Shaywitz, B.A., Gore, J.C., & Shankweiler, D. (2000). An event-related neuroimaging study distinguishing form and content in sentence processing. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 12, 120-133. (PDF)

Shaywitz, S.E., Shaywitz, B.A., Pugh, K.R., Fulbright, R.K., Constable, R.T., Mencl, W.E., Shankweiler, D.P., Liberman, A.L., Skudlarski, P., Fletcher, J.M., Katz, L., Marchione, K.E., Lacadie, C., Gatenby, C., & Gore, J.C. (phew!) (1998). Functional Disruption in the organization of the brain for reading in dyslexia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 95, 2636-2641. (PDF)

Mencl, E. (under revision). Effects of tuning sharpness on tone categorization by self-organizing neural networks. Musicae Scientiae.

Bharucha, J.J., and Mencl, W.E. (1996). Two issues in auditory cognition: self-organization of octave categories and pitch-invariant pattern recognition. Psychological Science, 7(3), 142-149.

Metcalfe, J., Cottrell, G., & Mencl, W.E. (1992). Cognitive binding: A computational analysis of the distinction between implicit and explicit memory systems. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 4, 3, 289-298.

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