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Daragh Sibley
Haskins Laboratories
300 George Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Haskins Phone: (203) 865-6163, x211
Yale Phone: (203) 764-9353
Haskins Fax: (203) 865-8963

Regular Days at Haskins: Monday - Friday

Postdoctroal Fellow, Haskins Laboratories


Ph.D. (Psychology), George Mason University, 2008
M.A. (Psychology-Human Factors), George Mason University, 2004
B.S. (Psychology), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2002


Post-doctoral Fellow, Haskins Laboratories, 2010-present
Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008-2010

Representative Publications

Yap, M. J., Balota, D. A., Sibley, D. E., & Ratcliff, R. (in press). Individual Differences in Visual Word Recognition: Insights From the ELP. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

Sibley, D. E., Kello, C. T., & Seidenberg, M. S. (2010). Learning orthographic and phonological representations in models of monosyllabic and bisyllabic naming. European Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 22:5,650-668.

Sibley, D. E., Kello, C. T., Plaut, D. C., & Elman, J. L. (2009). Sequence encoders enable large scale lexical modeling. Cognitive Science, 33, 1187-1191.

Sibley, D. E., Kello, C. T., Plaut, D. C., & Elman, J. L. (2008). Large-scale modeling of wordform learning and representation, Cognitive Science, 32:4, 741-754.

Kello, C. T., Sibley, D. E., & Plaut, D. C. (2005). Dissociations in performance on novel versus irregular items: Single-route demonstrations with input gain in localist and distributed models. Cognitive Science, 29:4, 627-654.

Sibley, D. E., Kello, C. T. (2004) A computational exploration of double dissociations: modes of processing instead of components of processing. Cognitive Systems Research, 6:1, 61-69.