Current Interests

My current research focuses on the phonetics of American Sign Language, with a long term goal of developing measures of accent, cross-linguistic variation, and language deficits in the sign modality.

Representative Publications:

Tyrone, M.E. (2014). Sign dysarthria: A speech disorder in signed language. In D. Quinto-Pozos (ed.) Multilingual Aspects of Signed Language Communication and Disorder (pp. 162-185). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Tyrone, M.E. (2014). Cross language studies in Deaf signers. In N. Miller and A. Lowit (eds.) Motor Speech Disorders: A Cross-Language and Bilingual Perspective (pp. 74-92). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Tyrone, M.E. (2014). Review of Nonmanuals in Sign Language (edited by A. Herrmann & M. Steinbach). Sign Language Studies, 14(3), 402-405.

Mauk, C.E. & Tyrone, M.E. (2012). Location in ASL: Insight from phonetic variation. Sign Language and Linguistics, 15(1), 128-146.

Tyrone, M.E. (2012). Phonetics of sign location in ASL: Comments on papers by Russell, Wilkinson & Janzen and by Grosvald & Corina. Laboratory Phonology, 3, 61-70.

Tyrone, M.E. & Mauk, C.E. (2012). Phonetic reduction and variation in American Sign Language: A quantitative study of sign lowering. Laboratory Phonology, 3, 431-459. Tyrone, M.E. & Mauk, C.E. 2010. Sign lowering and phonetic reduction in
American Sign Language. Journal of Phonetics 38: 317-328.

Tyrone, M.E., Atkinson, J.R., Marshall, J., & Woll, B. 2009. The effects of
cerebellar ataxia on sign language production: A case study. Neurocase 15(5):419-426.

Cormier, K., Schembri, A., & Tyrone, M.E. 2008. One hand or two? A cross-linguistic analysis of the nativisation of fingerspelling in sign languages. Sign Language and Linguistics 11(1): 3-44.

Tyrone, M.E. & Woll, B. 2008. Sign phonetics and the motor system: Implications from Parkinson’s disease. In J. Quer (ed.) Signs of the Time: Selected Papers from TISLR 2004. Seedorf: Signum, 43 – 68.

Tyrone, M.E. & Woll, B. 2008. Palilalia in sign language. Neurology, 70(2), 155-156.

Tyrone, M.E. 2007. Simultaneity in atypical signers: Implications for the structure of signed language. In M. Vermeerbergen, L. Leeson & O. Crasborn (eds.) Simultaneity in Signed Languages: Form and Function. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 317-336.




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