PI, A-93: Links Between Production and Perception in Speech


B.A., Rice University (cum laude), 1976
(Four full majors completed: Linguistics, English, Anthropology, German)
(B.A. Thesis: Die Sprache als Finger in der Philosophie Wittgensteins)
M.A., Yale University, 1978 (Linguistics)
M.Phil., Yale University, 1979 (Linguistics)
Ph.D., Yale University, 1982 (Linguistics)
Dissertation Title: Perceptual Effects of Phonetic Mismatches
Dissertation advisor: Dr. Alvin M. Liberman

Research and Management Experience:

2006-2008 Program Director, Documenting Endangered Languages and Cognitive Neuroscience. US National Science Foundation (NSF), Arlington, VA., USA.

2000-present Vice President of Research, Haskins Laboratories.

1996-present Principal Investigator, "Links between production and perception in speech," [U.S.] National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

1995- present Co-Principal Investigator, "Ontogeny of attunement to the language environment," [U.S.] National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, Catherine T. Best, Principal Investigator.

2001-2006 Subcontractor, Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data (E-MELD) grant, [U.S.] National Science Foundation; Helen Aristar-Dry and Anthony Aristar, Principal Investigators.

2004 Principal Investigator, "Shared Instrumentation Grant: Aloka SSD-5500 Ultrasound machine," [U.S.] National Center for Research Resources.

1991-1994 Principal Investigator, "Effects of word frequency and the common/proper dimension in speech," [U.S.] National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

1982-present Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, Connecticut. Research topics include speech perception, speech production and neural imaging.

1982-1990 Supervision of the research efforts of visiting scholars using the Laboratories' equipment under an NIH contract.

1983-1986 Co-Principal Investigator, "Perceptual bases of stress-timing," [U.S.] National Science Foundation, Carol Fowler, Principal Investigator.

1978-1982 Research Assistant at Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, Connecticut. Research, leading to dissertation, on the processing of speech with mismatched information, and on the integration of several cues to one phonetic category.


2008- Fellow, Acoustical Society of America

2007 Director's Award for Program Management Excellence, National Science Foundation

Technical Experience:

2003- Implementation of Haskins Optically Corrected Ultrasound System (HOCUS) for measurement of the tongue and other speech articulators.

1987-1988 Manager of Research Resources--acquisition and management of all research equipment in Haskins Laboratories

1982-1986 Systems Manager and programmer for the VAX/VMS 11/780.

1982-1987 Documentation Director for Haskins Laboratories--writing the system user's guide, as well as reviewing and rewriting user manuals and on-line documentation for the entire programming staff.

1982-1985 Programmer--writing user-oriented programs for the manipulation of speech (FORTRAN, C).

1979-1982 Writing data analysis programs. Programming the generation of linguistic forms (PL/I, LISP).


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